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Meridien Energy, a division of the Meridien Group, is a leading renewable energy specialist based in Queensland, Australia. Meridien Energy collaborates with builders and developers who are constructing new residential and commercial properties by ensuring they incorporate efficient solar systems that maximise their solar potential by designing, installing, and commissioning reliable solar solutions that guarantee quality and long-term performance for property owners. 

As part of its commitment to sustainability and living by its values, Meridien Energy wanted to install a solar system at its warehouse to demonstrate the feasibility of solar for small to large-scale properties. 

Corey Nash, Operations Manager of Meridien Energy, believes in leading by example. He explains that their approach is to demonstrate the advantages of solar on both residential and commercial properties. By collaborating with builders, estimators, and site supervisors, they ensure that their clients receive the best results possible. 

Nash also emphaises that Meridien Energy's primary goal is to create high-quality, visually appealing, and efficient systems which highlights the importance of integrating the system into the structure rather than adding it on afterwards.

Meridien Energy designed, installed and commissioned the 19.98kW solar system at their warehouse in Queensland, Australia. The system features 37 x 540W LONGi Solar panels and FIMER’s PVS-15 three-phase string inverter.

FIMER’s PVS-15 is a 15kW three-phase solar inverter and part of the PVS-10/33 family of C&I string inverters. The PVS-15 is designed and manufactured in Italy, focusing on ease of installation and commissioning.

FIMER’s PVS-15 has two 2 MPPTs and a maximum string voltage of 1100 Vdc for flexible solar panel array design. Its advanced design includes single-string current monitoring, eliminating the need for additional monitoring equipment and streamlining installation.

One of the standout features of the PVS-15 is its fuse-free design and passive cooling, enhancing system reliability and reducing maintenance requirements. 

The PVS-10/33 inverter family is backed by a comprehensive ten-year replacement warranty when installed in Australia and New Zealand to provide further peace of mind.

The 19.98kW solution is integrated into FIMER’s advanced Aurora Vision platform to effectively monitor and manage the solar power system. Meridien Energy can view real-time system performance via Plant Portfolio Manager and the EnergyViewer mobile app. 

The FIMER & Longi solar system has generated over 31 MWh in its first year of operation. This equates to a reduction of 58 tonnes of carbon emissions.