Reporting suspected vulnerabilities

If you encounter a suspected vulnerability in FIMER products or have a security concern, please promtly report the same to us

1)    Please report suspected vulnerabilities using the dedicated template which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Kindly fill in all the sections required and please remember that the more information you provide, the more precise and detailed it is, the better we can act to implement improvements.

2)    Vulnerability information is sensitive. Please encrypt the template and all other documents you would like to share by using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Click on the tab below to obtain FIMER's PGP public key (key ID: AC33 2326 524A B35B; PGP fingerprint: 8856 15B1 8AEC 798A CBCF 8206 AC33 2326 524A B35B).

3)    Please send the encrypted document via email: We are committed to replying asap to any suspected vulnerability reported by security researchers, industry organizations, customers, and suppliers. 

Note: Generally, you will receive an email confirmation letter within 5 working days and get informed of the handling progress.

Template - Suspected vulnerabilities