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NOTICE: This product is no longer available.

The TRIO-50/60 is FIMER’s three-phase commercial inverter that looks like a string inverter with the power of a central inverter.

A Decentralized Solution to maximize ROI

An option for decentralized designs, this string inverter is ideal for both rooftop and ground-mount installations. The wide input voltage range and 98% efficiency rating enables this inverter to start generating energy earlier and for a longer period of a more profitable rate.

Modular Design Flexibility for Maximum Efficiency

The TRIO-50/60 is a landscape, modular design that offers maximum flexibility. The separate AC and DC compartments increase the ease of installation and maintenance. The TRIO 50/60 comes with the most complete wiring box configurations available including 12 DC inputs, AC and DC switches and monitored type II AC and DC surge arresters. The double stage conversion topology offers the advantage of a wide input voltage range for maximum flexibility of the system. Each inverter is set on specific grid codes which can be selected directly in the field.

Easy, Cost Effective Installation and Serviceability

Reduce installation costs and maintenance charges: the decentralized design decreases installation costs by eliminating the heavy equipment charges. With separate compartments, this inverter is simple to change out as each section is wired separately. Maintenance is a snap with swappable units which decrease time and money. The NEMA 4x environmental rating protects the unit from wild life and enables it to be mounted in the most challenged climates.

TRIO-50.0/60.0-TL Data sheet
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