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Plant Portfolio Manager

Aurora Vision® Plant Portfolio Manager is a cloud based professional web portal enabling stakeholders to monitor key energy and performance metrics while managing multiple portfolios of solar power plants.

Thanks to multiple dashboard views proposed in a clear and exhaustive way you can manage performances and resources at fleet level (through reports, diagnostics, analysis or alerts and event management) for an entire portfolio of PV plants with accounts administration tools and assignement rights procedures.

The interactive nature and access to key performance indicators and operations parameters allows stakeholders to optimize decisions and accelerate alignment with business objectives, through remote access to advanced features in a simple, secure and fast way, like never before.

Aurora Vision® Plant Portfolio Manager has been updated to better satisfy your needs. Access it now to discover its new features!

What's new


New graphic interface
New look
The Plant Portfolio Manager experience has been redesigned to make it easier and faster for you to manage and monitor your PV plants and those of your customers'
Improved user experience
Improved user experience
All cloud services have been refactored, giving new energy to the daily tasks you'll perform.
New documentation section
All the information you need in one place: guides, tips, suggestions, support and more

Product Highlights

FIMER partners
Customer Management
Create new customer accounts and define their privileges, setup new power plants, provision collaborative monitoring
Multilevel Monitoring
Evaluate the overall performances of a solar plant and detect under-performing conditions through device level monitoring
Custom Reporting
Generate custom and scheduled reports for billing, finance and customers
FIMER Document settings
Asset Management
Manage and reflect the installation lifecycle of inverter, loggers, meters, batteries... and approve remote firmware updates
FIMER antitheft alarm
Advanced alarming system
Define and manage error profiles and categories, consult event logs and customize notifications
FIMER checklist
Organization Management
Manage multiple portfolios through a dedicated dashboard, in order to better structure your organization


Plant Portfolio Manager is powered by the Aurora Vision cloud platform.


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