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Sundriven, FIMER and Greentech Brisbane Airport donate a new solar system to help a family in need

MAY 21, 2021

As part of Triple M Brisbane’s most recent “Lend a Hand” program to build a padded floating deck at the home of Ollie, a seven-year-old and her family from Arana Hills in Queensland, Australia. Sundriven jumped on board and teamed up with the Triple M Brisbane team to design and install a brand new 6.3 kW solar system utilising a FIMER 5.0kW UNO-DM-PLUS-Q inverter.

In April 2021, Triple M Brisbane, a local Brisbane radio station, put the call out for support from the local community to be part of their “Lend a Hand” program to support Ollie and her family. Triple M’s Lend a Hand program works with local businesses and organisations to come together to make life better for a family in need.

Ollie is a seven-year-old girl and has been through more than most people do in a lifetime. 

At just eight months, Ollie went into heart failure and was rushed to hospital. For months, she fought against all odds surviving on an artificial heart, until a suitable donor heart was found. She recovered well; however, just before her second birthday, Ollie began getting sick and the doctors didn’t know why. After six hospital admissions, Ollie had a two-hour Tonic Clonic seizure which left her with significant brain damage and severe epilepsy. 

Since then, her condition has continued to deteriorate where she now has hundreds of seizures every day, a large percentage of which are “Atonic" drop seizures where she loses all muscle control and drops to the ground. Sometimes these seizures physically pull her to the ground and cause considerable damage if she’s not held by an adult or in a soft padded space. These seizures have resulted in significant injures which in some cases have required surgery.

Triple M, through their “Lend a Hand” program and local partners have come together to build a safe outdoor padded space for Ollie to play, practice her walking and be with her family. 

After hearing about the project, Sundriven, a local solar installation company in Brisbane put their hand up to help the family. Initially, it was to relocate some solar panels as part of an aging solar system. However, after the first system inspection, the team at Sundriven were determined to install a brand-new solar system to ensure the family could continue to use solar to power their home for years to come.

Brian Nowakowski, Director of Sundriven said, “When I heard about Ollie and her families struggles, I knew we had to support in any way we could. We were going to relocate their old solar system to make room for the new roof, however, after the first inspection, I knew we could do one better, and work with our partners to get a new system installed.”

The Sundriven team reached out to FIMER, the fourth largest inverter manufacturer to supply a UNO-DM-PLUS-Q solar inverter and Greentech Brisbane Airport, a wholesale distributor to donate the solar panels.

Brian spoke about partnering with FIMER saying, “We have been installing FIMER confidently for years. It was great that FIMER supported us by donating a 5 kW UNO inverter for this family. The UNO inverter range offers families a quality European product, backed by local Australian support and a full 10-year replacement warranty.”

The UNO-DM-TL-PLUS-Q single-phase inverter family is made in Italy and has power ratings from 2.0 to 6.0 kW and is the ideal solution for residential installations. The design wraps FIMER's quality and engineering into a lightweight and compact package and includes features such as Wi-Fi, a built-in DC-Isolator and FIMER’s PowerGain technology to ensure optimal energy generation.

The solar system was installed on the property in mid-May alongside the construction of the new floating deck. On 21 May 2021, Triple M hosted a breakfast for all involved partners to celebrate with the family and see Ollie’s new outdoor area.

Michael Donelly, FIMER’s Queensland Sales Lead said on the project, “FIMER was extremely delighted to be able to support Sundriven to deliver a new solar system for Ollie and her family. We are working hand in hand to support our installers in Australia and around the world to ensure we provide a better, greener world.”

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