AC charging systems

AC-EVC-010 Stand Alone (2x22KW)

It is a charging unit for stand-alone installation and charging in AC Mode 3 with power up to 2x22kW in basic configuration, aesthetically appealing, sturdy, designed for maximum simplicity of use.
AC-EVC-010   Stand Alone (2x22KW)

The charging unit is designed in accordance with the current legislation and it is the most reliable solution in order to offer free recharging stations, typically in environments semi-public or private, such as parking lots. It is equipped with a series of:

Up to two Type 2 sockets, equipped with all the measurement and protection systems, electromechanical retention during charging, communication with the electric vehicle, connection monitoring and regulation of the current  through PWM and differential protection circuit breaker type B.

  • Color-coded Status LED for each socket (Ready to use, Charging, Alarm, etc ...)
  • Smart fault management, with automatic reclosure of the circuit breaker.
  • Internal load manager for the distribution of the maximum load set by the user, between the two sockets.
  • Plug & Charge operation mode.
  • Back-up power supply with super “Supercap” capacitors.
  • Internal temperature sensors.
  • Stainless steel case.